Hand placing and positioning a golf ball


Get expertly fit for renowned Honma performance. Test a full matrix of Honma’s handcrafted heads and propriety shafts, as well as leading third-party OEM shafts.

This is Honma, beautifully crafted and individually optimized specifically for you.

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Personalized to You

Enjoy a private, secluded environment at the back of the range with 1:1 personalized fitting with full ball flight. Each fitting uses a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor to capture golfer launch conditions and data to optimize Honma equipment, including a follow-up email with your launch data and recommended equipment.

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Merchandise & Equipment

Built to Last

After your fitting, you can step back into the Honma Experience showroom where you can view your results and shop limited edition, high-end merchandise not found anywhere else on the east coast. Your equipment is built custom for you in California, with some of our most exclusive BERES products built to spec in Japan by master Takumi, and shipped straight to you.

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